Wednesday, September 30, 2009

About My Blog

After sharing numerous cooking stories with my family and friends about my recent adventures in the kitchen, I have received feedback that I should start a blog sharing my trials and tribulations. After getting married a little over a year ago, I decided it was time to stop eating Lucky Charms and mac & cheese for every meal. My husband is a typical "man's man" as he likes to say, and therefore claims he doesn't know how to cook (as a sidebar, I'd like to note that I've tried teaching him to simply boil water and add noodles several times and he still hasn't grasped that concept, although, he is pretty good at grilling). Welp, things didn't go to plan and after the first year of marriage, I averaged cooking about 1 meal every few weeks. We both got tired of eating ham steak (yes, that's a real product sold in your local grocer) and turkey sandwiches. that we are onto year 1+, I have really decided to get shizzle done and master this cooking thing.

I have never been interested in cooking or baking, but I definitely LOVE eating good food. I have a good appreciation for food, and really enjoy eating things when they are prepared well. Growing up, my mom and sister were the definite chefs in the house, and I was completely content enjoying whatever they made (minus a few "special" meals). Therefore, I went to college pretty much unable to cook and not willing to learn how to cook.

Now, on my journey to become domesticated (you heard me!), I am learning how to master the kitchen (or at least make something that resembles something edible)! I am using this blog to take you all on my adventures in the kitchen. I hope to offer good incite on easy cooking ideas and also share some good recipes with everyone. Even though didn't start cooking (successfully) until recently, I have several cookbooks and am always looking for new, yummy recipes.

My husband and I are both into healthy eating, so many of the recipes I blog about will be partly organic and/or healthy. I have a HUGE sweet tooth, so I'm sure there will be many dessert recipes as well :) I'm going to be making fairly simple recipes with ingredients we've all heard of (I hate when I get a good recipe and have no clue what the ingredients are).


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